Building Design in Ghana /Layout/Water Control

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The following are some of the most important preservation issues to consider in Ghana when designing a new building or making changes to an existing structure.


Maintaining separate collection storage spaces from usage areas, like a reading room, enhances security and allows for more specific climate control. It is best to store collections in an internal space without windows or other exposure to the outside environment. Collections storage areas should be keyed separately from other rooms. When possible, consolidate collections storage into a single closed area, to improve security and make environmental controls more efficient. Additionally, the layout of circulation, reference, and reading spaces must consider the need for supervision of patrons.

Water Control in Ghana

Storing collections in basements is not recommended due to the risk of moisture and flooding; overcrowding can also pose a fire hazard. Basement-level storage areas are undesirable, due to their tendency toward flooding and moisture. If basement storage is unavoidable, the floor and exterior walls should be well-sealed, and collections should be isolated from basement-level mechanical equipment. With the exception of fire suppression pipes, water-bearing pipes should not run through collections storage spaces. All shelving should provide 4" floor clearance. Shelving should not be placed against exterior walls, as this can lead to condensation and other problems. Cooling towers, lavatories, kitchens, janitor's spaces, and other water-carrying equipment should never be located above collections storage (including technical services, or any other areas where collections are stored for extended periods).

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